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Art Consulting & Marketing

Helio Company introduces a variety of works that fit the space and situation during building renovation and construction, and helps many people to enjoy culture in their daily life by holding or renting works that keep fit.

Hotel & Resort


Lotte Art Villas Jeju

Hotel Shilla, Seoul

Business Building

Teheran-ro T412, Gangnam, Seoul

Samsung C&T Building

Hyundai Card & Hyundai Capital Building

Public Institutions

Government Building  |  Public Bank  |  National University  |  General Hospital   |   Cultural Center

Korea Foundation Cultural Center

'Art + Music' Gallery Concert 

Korea Exim Bank, Seoul


Seoul National University 

Music College

Hanyang University

Namjune Paik, <TV Cello>

National Assembly Hall

Special Exhibiton "I am telling you... Thank you"

Seoul National University Hospital

'The Pleasure of Imagination' and 11 Seasonal Exhibitions (2021 - ) 

Public Art Project  &  Residential Space Exterior

G.Well City, Cheong-ju

Bistro & Cafe

Bistro 74, Myeongdong Cathedral

VIP Programs & Art Class

MK Year-End Salon Party

Kookmin Bank VVIP Program at Walkerhill Hotel

Lotte Hotel Salon Exhibition & Luncheon Program

Special Exhibition & Art Academy for Lexus VIP

Art Classes & Programs

for HEREN Society VIP Members

HEART Donation Party

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