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Lotte Art Villas

Jeju, Korea

In 2012, HelioArt installed approximately 100 artworks by artists Hong Jin-sook, Lee Woljong, Kim Yeonsook, Ko Bo-hyung, Seo Jae-cheol, and Moon Chang-bae in the rooms of the newly constructed Lotte Art Villas Resort in Jeju.

The artworks were created to make guests feel comfortable with the scenery of Jeju Island, and the interior design was in line with the luxurious image of Art Villas.

‘The Middle of Jeju Life’ by Lee Woljong, lithograph, 37.5x56cm, at Lotte Art Villas Community Centre
In the 14 living rooms of Lotte Art Villas Jeju, Block C (Lee Jongho Architects), Sanbangsan - Attraction by Hong Jin-sook, print, 70x80cm
Time by Changbae Moon, image, print, 72.7x50.5cm in the 14 master rooms including Block C of Jeju Lotte Art Villas (Jongho Lee Architects)
Jeju Lotte Art Villas' corridors and eight living rooms are decorated with Women of Jeju 1 by Ko Bo-hyung, print, 70x45cm, to complete the luxurious resort.

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