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G.Well City

Cheongju, Korea

In December 2009, Helioart installed 13 pieces of artworks including a sculpture by the Cracking Art Group at the Sinyoung G.Well City in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju.

Featuring a crocodile and turtle sculpture painted in intense fluorescent colours on top of a black wooden box, the work by Cracking Art Group takes animals commonly found in nature and makes them look like fossils out of primary-coloured plastic, inviting viewers to think about the destruction caused by humans in nature.

HelioArt provided aesthetic satisfaction for the residents with the Black Box artwork, which is both sculpturally beautiful and a meaningful reminder to care for nature in the city centre.

Kyung Lee, G-infinity, 2009
Cracking Art Group, Black Box (Crocodiles & Turtles), Plastic Objects, 520 x 240 x 80 cm, 2007
Seungtaek Lee, Dragon’s Tail, 2009
Yongbaek Lee, Unfinished Monument, 2009
Bowon Jeong, Transparence P1-09, 2009
Junho Jeon, COSMOS, 2009

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