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The CHARPENTIER Foundation has established ACADEMIE CHARPENTIER to meet the soaring needs of modern arts and designs in the 20th century's reconstructing of the industrialization. ACADEMIE CHARPENTIER has the intention of providing design education as a creative concept for the society's industrial market economy.  ACADEMIE CHARPENTIER offers a five-year course degree: after one year of preparation course, students can select either of two specializations among visual communication/graphic design and interior design.


In ACADEMIE CHARPENTIER in Seoul, students can be provided preparation year and second year courses with the French classes, continuing their academic courses in Paris in 3 years to be conferred degrees acknowledged by French Education Ministry. To better the education, the school has put an emphasis on enough communication, formative expressions and presentations between the student body and professors. Being able to organize the thoughts and expressions in various forms would make an effective result that the school is attempting to achieve.


Benefits of Académie Charpentier in Seoul

Paris Art Academy Admissions directly from domestic

Through Académie Charpentier in Korea, students will be able to attend Paris Académie Charpentier directly. Taking Académie Charpentier in Korea is very beneficial not only one could learn world professional art design and high level of design education in Paris, but also one and their parents can relief anxiety according to the study time and economic burden.


Opportunity to ensure three years studying in Paris

The biggest feature of Académie Charpentier in Korea is that after taking domestic courses, one gets opportunity to study in France for three years guarantee. After completing same courses of Paris in Korea and building a foundation in conjunction with local schools, and completing all the curriculums in France, one will receive a France degree.


Companies associated with mandatory internships

Académie Charpentier meet the international art market-oriented approach to teaching practical blend theory and practice. Through mandatory internships in companies associated with the Academy during 4th year, one will have an opportunity to experience hands-on, and get an ensure employment in his/her professional field after he/she graduate.


French degree Acquired

Académie Charpentier completes same French interdisciplinary and receives recognized degree of French Ministry of Education (A.C.C.E.S / A.C.C.E.S-M.A.I.D). This is a professional degree that proves professionals in the field. After graduation, it could be strongly beneficial for applying French design company that specializes in French and French companies in France.

Target students to enroll in Académie Charpentier

High school graduates aiming Admission Board (video, visual design / architectural design)

University students aiming to study design in France

University graduates aiming to study design in France

In the legendary town of Montparnasse famous for artists,ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE was established in the year 1902.It has inherited the liberal minds of 19th century's DELACROIX, MANET, PISSARO, CEZANNE, GAUGUIN, and more. In 1957, the Academy was taken over by CHARPENTIER family which was transformed into a creative and Experimental formative art-base for a strong traditional way of educational art of today. ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE is an institute for students who study fine arts and target to enter private university all around the world. By taking Open Atelier courses by professors, they can improve their quality of works and prepare portfolios in accordance with the colleges' entrance examination. ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE in Seoul will be the Academy for thosewho are eager to learn fine art in French education systemand study from the basic to proceed to art universities in the world



100 years of traditional teaching methods

By using ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE's art education which continued traditional teaching methods of American education since 1902, it is applied to practical and theoretical sense of modern art. In addition, one can learn directly from Seoul to feel free and creative way of world art center in Paris, France.


Open Atelier

ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE in Korea operates an open courses and workshops just like in Paris. We offer major curriculums to art majors and from begging lessons from a systematic basis to the further course to non majors in art. Not only art majors and professionals could learn, but also anyone can feel free to learn French art education.


Wider study opportunities

Study abroad class in ACADEMIE DE LA GRANDE CHAUMIERE in Korea prepares for study abroad and entrance exam, so students preparing to study abroad can prepare a portfolio and entrance examination according to the characteristics of each targeted school.


Differentiated teaching methods

One can develop his/her own personality and style though a teaching method that allows one to share his/her work of art to artists and to public; also, one can learn directly from the contemporary artists.


High school graduates aiming to enroll French Art University

University students aiming to study Painting in France

University graduates who aim to study Painting in French

The general public who wants to learn the art

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