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'Things he left'

October 23 - November 21, 2019

After completing his master’s degree in art history and visual communication from Seoul National University and UCLA, Sim Cheol-Woong has worked on media arts. The artists is currently a professor of painting at Seoul National University and has participated in about 20 solo exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions.
The artists, who has been exploring history, time, space and place for a long time, presented painting and video artworks based on records that he had discovered and collected for a long time through the orange tree, which is the subject of his own, various stories that are remembered and disappeared in personal history can be encountered in the image of longing.

In the backyard of the artist's house, there was an orange tree that looked more than 50 years old.

The tree that had spent a long time with him had dried out and began to drop its barks. These barks are the main subject of artist Cheol-woong Sim's painting series. The Images of barks, which are plain but not simple seem to reveal our lives metaphorizing human body. Careful brushstrokes of oil paint are added to the white background, allowing viewers to look into the existence of the bark itself.

After the death of his orange tree, the artist found the Azelias flowers during his morning walk. From the walk, the artist felt that the flowers comforted the place where the orange tree left. The faded Azelias paintings create a feeling of looking into the artist's dim memories of the encounter of the flowers.

Empty Embrace .JPG

Empty Embrace, 89 x 61 x 5 cm, Oil on canvas, 2019

Conversation .JPG

Conversation, Oil on canvas, 53x40.9cm, 2019

One Morning, 2019, 53 x 65 cm, painting

One morning, 53 x 63 x 5 cm, Oil on canvas, 2019

That Morning .JPG

Thatmorning, 53 x 63 x 5 cm, Oil on canvas, 2019

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