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Cloned Red Father Pig, 73x120x35cm, Plastic objects

William Sweetlove

William Sweetlove was born in 1949 in Oostende, Belgium, and graduated from the University of OSU tangdeu.  For the past three years, he has been a member of the artists' collective "The Cracking Art Group", in northern Italy. He is an active member of the Cracking Art Group. Exhibition created by the plastic material of animal statues, which is a communication art and social interest in the disappearance of the animal care and environmental issues in (global warning) in daily lives. One could see the humor, satire and irony in Sweetlove's work because he shows a variety of materials presented in paintings, sculptures and other materials. Sweetlove


Cloned Green Pig with Boots, 30x43x15cm, Plastic objects, Red/Green 2EA


Cloned Chihuahua (red), 70x60x50cm, Resin


Cloned Chihuahua (yellow), 70x60x50cm, Resin

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