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Seung Hye Hong

Seunghye Hong was born in 1959 in Seoul. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the School of Art, Seoul National University in 1982, Hong moved to France and subsequently graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Hong has participated in more than 20 solo exhibitions and various special group exhibitions in Korea and abroad. Beginning from her solo exhibition Organic Geometry held at the Kukje Gallery, Seoul in 1997, Hong has been deeply interested in constructing real spaces based on the form of the computer pixel. The artist expands the range of her practice with video works that inject movement and sound into geometrical shapes. Hong was the recipient of the Total Art Prize in 1997 and the Lee Jung Seop Art Prize in 2007. She is currently a professor in the Department of Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology. In Seunghye Hong's features artworks, she compares one of the basic units of screen configurations like a brick or home to a sheet of cells. Her work has been produced by a computer, but the addition and subtraction of the pixel is drawn and intervention by the artist. Seunghye Hong's work has been switched to warm and delicate when the image is in cyberspace or organic geometry of Mathematics organic.


Organic Geometry-House Building, 67x49cm, Silkscreen, 1995


Organic Geometry, 30(Ø)x2.2cm(each), Serigraphy on Cardboard, Polyurethane on board,1999


Organic Geometry-House Building, 42x44cm, Silkscreen, 1995

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