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Seon Ghi Bahk

Seonghi Bahk’s works are similar in a way in which some of Cezanne’s works are about dismantling the perspective through the color field. In his (Point-of-View) series, Seonghi Bahk applied a pictorial perspective in the piece to expose the idea of how futile the form completely preserved through the piece. In Point-of-View series, he draws how the object looks different depending on the point of view. After drawing and visualizing, he makes it into MDF again to process a white car. Seonghi Bahk’s works looks both flat and three-dimensional. In addition, objects in this works look like they are constantly swimming in relation of representation and reality. Seonghi Bahk is also trying different challenges through the form of a series of geometric abstraction called (A Play of Infinity). The core of ‘ Seonghi Bahk’s style’ is ‘think this is impossible, but it turns out to be possible.’

Seonghi Bahk features artwork created out of charred wood and charcoal. Charcoal has been used a kind of drawing tool since humans began to draw and was used in many early cave paintings, but these artworks treat charcoal not only as a tool, but also as a subject, with the artists exploring the characteristics of the material. Charred wood is kind of like Chinese ink in terms of ‘blackness’, but it is a kind of three-dimensional blackness with edges and angles and with surfaces that absorb and reflect light unevenly. Charring the wood is a kind of destructive process but results in a material with a lot of potential to be used for creative purposes

박선기 Seonghi Bahk
박선기 Seonghi Bahk

Point of view 08-10, 53x70x10cm, Coloring on the MDF, 2008

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