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Ralph Fleck 

Ralph Fleck was born in Germany in 1951. Putting together the big picture into landscape, portrait, or still life seems to leave a distance but if you enjoy painting the concrete, paintings of Ralph Fleck released a pictorial representation that is aggressive in getting closer alignment of brush stokes or texture, color itself is highlighted between concrete and abstract. Fleck put together the big picture into landscape or portrait, sill life releases a pictorial representation in the paintings of Ralph Fleck is bold. Compared to the figurative representation of a city or a book of such work and his current work, his works in early 1990s put a distance hearty texture brushes made together and touch their deep sense, his paintings are gritty appreciated. Painting a concrete seemed reminiscent of a flower garden looks, and highly cinematic quality that goes in the multivalent that incidence textured brushstrokes passionate and colors made itself with each touch. Clearly reveals that the work is his prime aspect ratio of the canvas, and the work is made by Fleck, which are made heavy.


Feldsuck Piemont, oil on canvas, 125x200cm, 1990


Feldstück Gelb, oil on canvas, 80x100cm, 1999

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