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Helioart Exhibition and Art Academy for Lexus VIP

Helio Art presented the works of domestic and foreign artists for Lexus VIP customers for about a month at the Cheonwoo Motors Exhibition Hall in Yongsan-gu, 2010 from October 8 to November 8, 2010. For a month from October, 11 high-quality works introduced by Helio Art were exhibited at Cheonwoo Motors VIP Lounge. Lexus VIP customers had the opportunity to experience the luxurious image of Lexus by privately enjoying the works of the hottest artists such as William Sweet Love, Hyejin Jung, and Jaerock Jang at Chunwoo Motors. In addition, on October 28th, CEO Hye-wook Han gave a lecture on how to appreciate art, domestic and international art market trends, and art investment strategies for Lexus VIP under the theme <Art Market & Art Tech>, suggesting the direction of meticulous art investment.

Event Name: HelioArt Lexus Exhibition

Date: October 8th-November 8th, 2010

Location: Chunwoo Motors Exhibition Hall

Participating Artists: William Sweetlove / Choi Sun-ho / Ko Seong-yeon / Jaerock Jang / Seungtaek Jang/ Hyejin Jung / Dongwook Lee

We provided a great opportunity to meet the rich cultural life of Lexus customers and the works of artists that are worthwhile.

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