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Yong Rae Kwon

Yongrae Kwon is the master of stainless steel which is modern and intellectual material. It holds or sprinkles the light pouring from above. When each unit of stainless steels is stuck on canvas, there’s the joy of painting the line on traditional paper with a brush drenched with the ink. Those units are spread over like the ink on paper.
Color coated metal using the stained glass technique. The light of the space containing the color of reflected light colors. Pieces together a piece in a patience of canvas are attached to the nature of the moment is gone and the cold steel walls, thousands of pieces of metal and a variety of hot and fascinating illusions. Rather than drawing about the lights, the lights are contained in his work, so his work is light itself. His style of making art work is very unique and have a new possibility that expression leaves a strong impression created by the big fireworks display.

O 권용래 The Eternal Flame-Yellow, 97X97cm,
O 권용래 The Eternal Flame-Pink to Yellow,
권용래(Yong R Kwon)    The Eternal Flame- L
O Yong Rae Kwon, Ficus Benjamina -Light,
O Kwon Yong Rae, Ficus Benjamina -Light,
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