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Kihyuk Shin

Born in South Korea in 1985, young artist Kihyuk shin who is interested in the magic makes an illusion on two dimensional canvas with “Trompe l’oeil”. He doubted the importance of planarity which has been highlighted since the abstract art movement was on the rise and focused on the expression of the spatiality as visual art. 
During the working process, he projects various images on the cube like object in order to select the one which can maximize the spatial effect and draw it on the specially modified canvas. And he puts mythological images or masterpieces on this space in the total new context. This “dépaysement” produce narrative elements showing the double illusions in one scene. The visual incompleteness in his painting makes viewers actively immersed in the works. 
His art has been influenced by famous British artist Patrick Hughes who is famous for inverse perspective and three dimensional painting and Dutch painter Samuel van Hoogstraten who lived in the 17th century.

cubescape 87 .png

Cubescape, 2011, Oil on panel, 87 x 67.5 cm

Cubescape 4 .png

Cubescape, 2009, Oil on panel, 98.3 x 143.4cm

cubescape 133 .png

Cubescape, 2011, Oil on panel, 133 x 142 cm

Carre vert .png

Cubescape, 2010, Oil on panel, 130×116.5cm

cube rose.png
Carre chaise .png

Cubescape, 2011, Oil on panel, 111.5×130 cm

Cubescape, 2011, Oil on panel, 130×116.5cm

Shin Kihyuk Viewing room

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