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Junsung Bae

Junsung Bae separates the person looking at the drawing and painting in his own person. Artist himself has dived his listeners back in the time to figure out by differentiation of the authors and viewers. The response time of painting the artist, and the time to judge about the time looking at what artist painted. The key here is the time to draw a picture of these artists through differentiation-independent lapse into a kind of savings that exists. Jungsung Bae is devoted to the continuity of the action while he draws a picture. It bears a similar attitude to the mechanical engineers who engaged in same-sex mechanism after witnessing the direct sphere contained in it, as if the act itself draws a picture.

The relationship between objects under appraisal and the audience does not always depend on fixed principles or rules, nor is it continuous. On the contrary, in terms of the intensity of the feeling concerning the object, the more discontinuous and the more in violation of the visual rules heretofore the relationship is, the more intense and real the feeling gets. The audience does not become indignant or impatient at such irregular and inconsistent relationship with the objects. The feelings that depart from the audience’s past experiences rather transform the appreciation of the object onto another level, one of magnetic tension. Thus, in order to have such moments, the appreciator-audience tries to allow and seek for viewing time.

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The costume of Painter, 120x76cm, Oil on Vinyl, 2007

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