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Jinah Sohn

Jinah Sohn was born in Seoul, Korea in 1967. Her works are mainly decorative and rich visual images that appeared in the metaphors and symbols. Reproduce began with 'chair' of the 18 century French court of his paintings. The realistic portrayal of street life that he portrayed chair. The flatness of the chair is a neglected perspective and decorative. Antique slot represents the alienated self is an empty chair and a sofa, represents symbolically the monotony of everyday space and plaid background is repeated. Also it shows the link with other strings drawn across the screen of the desire expressed by the shape of their mirror.

This world represented in Sohn’s recent artwork is succinct and simple. The artist highlights the essence of life and temperament, and not any existing cliché: it is obvious her senses are based on an artificial and not natural world. In her work pieces are square patterns, transparent poly-coat, varied forms and their changes, and intuitive perception. The combination of small parts of an object and space is consolidated at one point. Her presentation of space, designed to involve many senses, is acute and delicate. What's discovered in Sohn's work is an escape from visible worlds and an adherence to invisible senses. In her presentation of space, perceptual phenomenons are made prominent by such elements as transparent color, weird form, artificial light, silhouettes, and the tactile quality of the object.


Conversation, 100x100cm, Acryl on canvas, 2008

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