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Ikjoong Kang

Ikjoong Kang was born in Cheongju, Korea in 1960, and graduated from Hongik University in 1960. Ikjoong Kang moved to New York and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1984. Then living in New York and began a full-scale operation is regarded as indicating the name of the Korean artist on the international stage.

Ikjoong Kang's work was born when he was in New York to study in his childhood time. He used to draw character or symbol illustration, and also paint daily lives scenes in a small 3-inch canvas while he was on the train. The pursuit of harmony in different things lead to a small canvas pieces, such as free-form text, symbol, or illustration that is drew. The story of world peace and the reunification of Korea by Dun development trends indicate that the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and embracing the early days of studying in Korea with the motif of the material, such as moon jars, or small children. Ikjoong Kang was awarded for today's young art virtual in 1997, first Prize in 47th Venice Biennale, and Ellis Island Award in 2007.


달항아리(Moon jar), Mixed media on canvas, 180 x 180 cm, 2007

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