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Gary Hume

Gary Hume was born in Kent, UK in 1962, and graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1988. Hume's work for graduation exhibition has been invited to "Freeze"(1988) and "East Country Yard"(1990) by Damien Hirst. As Gary Hume was invited to these exhibitions, he started getting attention from the audience.

The doors of the hospital attracted worldwide attention, and Gary Hume worked with actual size of the door to create "Door Painting." Hume started using gloss paint on aluminum panels from the mid-1900s. Hume only used two colors on a form of human expression to express fantastic expression.

In 1999, Hume became one of the most representative artist in UK and "an magnificent artist in Great Britain," by showing his work in the Venice Biennale. Hume painted a women and animals on aluminum with a line to simplify the work. Hume developed a unique visual language by using a simple shape with thick bold lines. His motif was to paint recognizable shape of birds and flowers, but these shapes were often flattened or cracks occurred, and these happenings made his painting awkwardly recombinant. This also backlash and intense shooting, but also unify with fascinating blend colors. In 1996, Hume was elected to the Royal Academy and nominated to the Turner Prize.

Gary Hume

The Couch, 76x60.5cm, Gloss paint on canvas, 2011

Gary Hume

Primrose Hill, 71x56cm, Gloss paint on canvas, 2011

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