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Foon Kim 

Foon Kim was born in China in 1924, and after studying art, he went and studied in Paris. Foon Kim was first invited to the New York World House Gallery with Sugeun Bak and Hwangi Kim. Foon Kim received international attention in domestic by having an unique style and index with our unique color 'ohbangsaek.' Foon Kim died in 2013 in Seoul, Korea, and he was called the first generation of Korean abstract painting.


In 2002, Foon Kim was elected for good selection of artist Art Academy, and in 1992, he was elected for Monaco International Exhibition (Prix de la Societe Eja) contemporary art destination. Following year in 1993, he was elected for Salon d’AUTOMNE.  In 1965, Foon Kim awarded Marry Washington Annual Exhibition of Modern Art.


영광(Glory), 72x90 cm, Oil on Canvas


영광(Glory), 72x90 cm, Oil on Canvas

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