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INOK SONG 'Harmony of Autumn'

September 14 - December 31, 2023

SNUH Gallery 2

[Artist's Note] From a distance, the sea appears as a calm surface, resembling a vast blue plain where numerous lines gather and merge into an expansive color field. Closer inspection reveals countless points erupting from unfathomable depths, swirling like a storm, seemingly ready to engulf me at any moment. The world I behold is filled with dots, lines, and surfaces. Nature is replete with beautiful, sculptural lines and dots, and despite my efforts, I cannot surpass the casual stroke of its indifferent hand. This often diminishes my motivation to create.

Considering myself a part of nature, like a single fallen leaf, I decided to focus on expressing the emotions and atmospheres I feel. The traces of life I encounter daily are stored somewhere in my body, and I scribble these traces on the canvas whenever I find a moment. My paintings are full of serene brushstrokes, simple lines, and indifferent dots. Some touches briefly take their place before being covered by others, gradually fading away. These fading touches exist only momentarily, making meaningful the ones that endure, yet they kindly serve as a foundation for the next work. They are my valuable, faithful pieces, not very noticeable but diligently fulfilling their roles. Below the surface of the painting lies an intricate layer of brush marks, lines, and surfaces, all stained and hidden.

When finishing a piece, I avoid perfecting it completely, as it gives rise to the next creation... Today is not the last day; there is tomorrow and the day after, for the me who wants to keep living and leave behind even the slightest emotion. My paintings, while not showing clear milestones, remain in their purest form by their mere existence. Hoping that memories of many feather-light days will leave traces, consciously and unconsciously, through my hand and brush, my paintings gradually fade with me.

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