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HYUNJOO PARK 'Through Heart with colors and lights'

January 12 - March 31, 2022

SNUH Gallery 2

The artist of this exhibition, Park Hyun-joo, studies light and expresses it through color. After graduating from Seoul National University with a degree in Painting, she moved to New York to complete her Master's in Studio Painting at New York University (NYU), followed by a Ph.D. in Art Studies at Tokyo University of the Arts. Park Hyun-joo creates light using the material property of 'gold', not merely the color but the element itself, blending its natural radiance with the physical properties of paint to express a contemporary abstraction.

Park Hyun-joo does not use pre-made canvases but begins her work by repeatedly applying hand-made paint to raw silk. As the paint soaks and spreads over time, the overlapping traces seek out light. Just as the essence of truth within the categories of life remains unchangeable, the artistic essence of the artist remains constant and evident in her work. The subtle interplay of gold and color in Park Hyun-joo's work conveys her serene philosophical thought.

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