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‘Art + Music’ gallery concert for the 4th anniversary
of the Korea Foundation Cultural Center

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the opening of the Korea Foundation, the ‘Art+Music’ gallery concert was held for two days from September 1st to 2nd at the Cultural Center of the Korea Foundation. This performance, which is celebrating its 3rd year this year, was prepared to express gratitude to the members of the Cultural Center and related persons who have always shown affectionate interest in the Foundation Cultural Center.

The Korea Foundation's Cultural Center celebrates its 4th anniversary this year, which has been firmly established as a world cultural center where you can properly promote Korean culture and broaden your understanding of foreign cultures by hosting and supporting various cultural and artistic programs in various countries. 

At this gallery concert, the Spanish Millennium Choir, led by Director Jae-sik Lim, who has contributed greatly to promoting Korean culture in Europe, performed on the first day. On the second day, a special performance by French artist Gerard Economos was presented with a wonderful performance by the young jazz quintet “Prelude”, which is rapidly growing as Korea's representative jazz band, and presented an unforgettable autumn night.

Music watching, listening picture

On the evening of the second day of September 2, a pleasant uproar broke out again at the Cultural Center of the Korea Foundation. Along with the performances of Jazz Quintet and Prelude, made up of financial resources graduated from Berkeley College of Music, the'World's Best Jazz College of Music', a large number of audiences predicted that the performance of the French painter Economos will perform painting to the tune on stage. They couldn't hide their expectations.

Prelude, which is already widely known to domestic jazz enthusiasts, was formed in 2003 by 6 members including 5 Korean students and 1 foreign student. As a jazz band whose musical instrument composition is rare in Korea, it has been active in Boston and New York. Has spread charm. In the first part, they showed their musical colors by showing the representative songs from their regular album. Sometimes sweet, sometimes funky, young and pleasant colors of their own were delivered intact.

In the second part, the French painter Economos, who has mainly worked on lyrical abstract paintings with essential elements of nature as the subject, appeared on the stage together. His passion emanating from his small white-haired figure was unfolding on the large canvas on the stage. Prelude started with the theme song'Falling Slowly' in the movie'Once', and until all performances were finished, a picture was completed on the large canvas on the stage. Blue was used as the main color, but the feeling resembled the Prelude a lot.

When Richard Loga, who plays tenor saxophone in Prelude, asks Economos, "What are you drawing today?" he said, "Can you describe your music?" Instead of answering the question. Their music and paintings delivered an indescribable fresh impression.

This two-day performance was an excellent performance to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Cultural Center of the Korea Foundation, and was a reliable promise for numerous performances to be held for various cultural exchanges in the future.

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