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Another Landscape-Lamborghini, 122x180cm

other Landscape-Lamborghini, 122x180cm, Korean Ink on Cotton Canvas, 2013

'Another Place'

June 5 - July 11, 2015

The artist Jang Jaerok examines everyday life in capitalist society through modern images in traditional korean ink painting.His subject is modern sensitivity and his materiel is objects of desire. Closely looking at his black and white photos, we got to know they are actually ink paintings expressed by light and shade of ink. His ink painting of luxury cars, Jewels, and Chandeliers are familiar not only to art lovers but also to sport manias.  

We live in a world full of machinery and artificial structures. The artist does not only show surface of neatly cut machines or structures, thy feel like bizarre, scary anatomical charts of human body. 

Another Landscape-Rolls Royce, 122x180cm

Another Landscape-Rolls Royce, 122x180cm, Korean Ink on Cotton Canvas

Another Landscape-Times Square, 122x122c

Another Place-75001 paris 01, 120X120cm, Korean ink on Fabric, 2015


Another Landscape-Times Square, 122x122cm, Korean Ink on Cotton Canvas, 2013

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