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November 23, 2010 - January 15, 2011

HelioArt will held the exhibition under the theme of 'Eclaire (Kindle)' with Lotte hotel to congratulate the successful hosting of the G20 Seoul, where whole Seoul was in a festive atmosphere in 2010.

10 artists including: Daeho Guk, Byungjong Kim, Sungmin Park, Sungi Park, Sungha Ahn, Yunmo Ahn, Kiyoung Jang, Jaerok Jang, Julie Hwang and Marc Quinn will participate and introduce 50 pieces of their works in this exhibition to celebrate the New Year. Their works will remind one of white snowflakes and sparkles that goes along with the New Year. These selected artists have a high reputation in the art world, so their collection will be selection of master works for VIP customers who enjoy a collection of art works, and their works will consider the future possibility of the market.  

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