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Casper Kang
'Korean Folk Painting'

September 11 - October 11, 2014

Casper Kang creates and interpretative planar images into his own style, which shows new genre of pop art. Casper Kang was born in Toronto, Canada in 1981, and major in architecture in Ottawa. Casper Kang uses repeated lines and images to create a space filled with philosophical and aesthetic. Casper Kang's works are based on Korean traditional folk paintings, but he ventured to remove the element of tradition in it and re-arranges as an objective form. His personal objective view of the image is free from forming a work elements and meaning of the work. Casper Kang's own expression of drawing city and continuous lines create 'space'. and it creates a link between the visual images and artwork. He applied for the quality of the picture to the standards adamant, and this creates a sense of depth to the detail and sophistication in the work.

In addition, Casper Kang's work receives more attention because it takes very long time and a hard process of creating the work. Rather than Casper Kang passing the context of the traditional folk take in an original way, he reproduce with a modern point of view by combining the creativity and free ideas to the audience by suggesting the new interpretation and breaking the mold of traditional art works.​

Seclusion, Acrylic & Screen ink on canvas, 480x130cm, 2011


Imperial Guard-West Portal-North Portal,East Portal, acrylic & screen ink on canvas, 91x116cm ea., 2012


Banishment I, II, III, acrylic & screen ink on canvas, 91x116cm ea., 2011


Wilderness iv, v, vi, 110x110cm, Acrylic & screen ink on canvas, 2011


Disillusionment I,II,III,IV,V, Acrylic & Screen Ink on Canvas, 90x65cm ea., 2012


母(Mother) Composition I,II,III, 55x55cm ea., Pigment print on archival paper, 2014

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