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'Draw, Draw... Drawing'

September 11, 2012 - October 12, 2012

After opening HelioArt Art Space, HelioArt first exhibit 'draw, draw...drawing' exhibition. Work is not only made by combination of brushes and canvas, but the artist has to think and worry about techniques and works. This exhibition is showing three artists' consideration for painting. 

Toh Yunhee has tried to paint the beauty hidden behind the scene, getting close to the essence of the nature. She finishes works with a great depth, while building up images she would like to express on the canvas filled with pencil and then vanish. The work with a gold plate, a delicate material, is lied one upon another light gold plate, adding nobility and exclusivity. The nobility is a kind of the language, so we can feel it draw near our mind like shattered light.

Jang Seungtaik is an artist and also artisan. He makes works, passing his own limit. He has made natural shadow in the works, which are piled with a hundreds of plaxiglas, thoughtfully drawn and cut. This means artist’s constant self- discipline. His works that is finished by Jang Seungtaik, himself with aluminum- frame will be with his contemplation, philosophy. 

Gary Hume is well-known as one of the greatest British artists. His drawing shows his excellent drawing technique. Even a simple line includes the woman’s image, feeling.

These three artists make and express on their works in their own ways. Everything including: overlaps with graphite and brush painted works, painted on the glass shiny transparent savory line and circular ensemble and simple lines of master drawing are all 'draw, draw, drawing.'


Gary Hume, the Couch, 76x60.5cm, Gloss paint on canvas, 2011

Gary Hume, Primrose Hill, 71x56cm, Gloss paint on canvas, 2011


Toh Yunhee, Snow is Falling, The Light is Broken Down), 244x141cm, Gold paper and color pencil with varnish, 2011


Toh Yunhee, Snow is Falling, Light is Broken Down), 75x160cm, Gold paper and color pencil with varnish, 2011


Toh Yunhee, ome Time It gets Dark Because of the Sunlight), 212x141cm, Oil and Pencil with varnish on canvas, 2009

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