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Javier Granados

April 16 - May 21, 2013

HelioArt introduces Javier Granados, a pop artist from Spain, for the first time in Korea. Granados uses colorful colors and shows a diagrammatic women with voluptuous bodies to give a humor and cheerfulness to the audience.  The theme is a women for canvas and objects expressed by Pop Art in daily lives. Granados uses plump body and smooth skin like Botero in this works to express a maximize feeling. Granados' works have a soft and warm atmosphere.


Also, he uses clay for his work where lots of people regain their childhood memories when they were playing which a sand. Unlike the joyful figure, this works have a message about social critiques and irony, and this works shows the authenticity and depth sensitivity. This exhibition will show the excitement and positive energy to pass through the daily work of women in colorful colors and fun shapes. 

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