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'I am telling you Thank you '

September 3, 2012 - December 31, 2012

HelioArt plans for the exhibition entitled "I am telling you...Thank you" to introduce a national artists named Junyoung Kang and Soyoung Jeon in Congress Hall fuse first floor in Yeouido.

 Since this is the first exhibition in the National Assembly, we formed to plan and utilize the spatial characteristics. The National Assembly have a responsibility to listen to the voices of the people responsible for the legislative authority of the Republic of Korea. Junyoung Kang delivers the message called 'I am telling you' to his family and love ones. 'I am telling you' is a series, which gives a lovely story in the bubble like fairy Genie of the Lamp.

Soyoung Jeon's apples and books show the meaning of the food and knowledge necessary to person in living. Indispensible in real life, but it is easy to forget the importance of a healthy diet and plenty of knowledge through a delightful piece's words show that our treasure. Bright and fun colors and lovely text in Junyoung and Soyoung's works are expected to give and encourage a spirit parliament with cool and cold space of Congress and clear autumn sky. 


Installation View

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