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Nouveaux Pop -- France Pop Art

July 7 - September 30, 2007

CRACKING ART / Antonio de Felipe / Antonio de Pascale / Cecilia Cubarle / Liu Ming / MARIAMANUELA / Philippe Huart / Sylvie Fajfrowska / William Sweetlove / Xiao Fan  


New Pop – What is Pop?

The exhibition deals with 10 Pop Artist from France. They are all humorous and witty yet at times seem to be resistant and puzzling. And through those types of expressions, they tend to recreate the usual everyday images. Through these artists, we are able to confirm the greatness of the time era and the new art history’s moving in the passage of time.


Including  Cracking Art, Cecilia Cubarle, Sylvie Fajfrowska, Antonio de Felipe, Philippe Huart, Maria Manuela, Liu Ming, Antonio de Pascale, William Sweetlove, Xiao Fan) equaling to 52 pieces of artworks. These artists have used the idea description of the Figuration Narrative in addition to their peculiar approach to develop their art forms. The 52 artworks all have connections with one another however it doesn’t mean they are all the same. They have the connection however each artist has their own way of expressing their thoughts into various forms of arts.

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