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2013 Art Class for Heren Society members

On June 27th, 2013 Art Class The second time of the art class, Lee Seong-nak, an honorary president of Gachon Medical University, who served as the chairman of the International Art Fair Organizing Committee as a former doctor and chairman of the Museum of Contemporary Art, talks about the health status of characters in traditional Korean portraits Lecture on <The Skin of a Person in a Work of Art> has been prepared for easy and fun. Most of the portraits of the Joseon Dynasty that we often see today are of the elderly who are nearing death.


This is because during the Joseon Dynasty, he went away from work after work, and when he was ill and nearing his death after spending his last years in the countryside, the king who received a report sent a painter to paint a portrait. Therefore, if you look closely at the characters in the portrait, you can infer the name of the disease that led them to death at that time. It was an interesting time to delve into the life of a model in Joseon Dynasty portrait paintings with the lens of medicine, which I have never encountered.

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