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Sukwon Sa

Sukwon Sa is a distinguished artist who graduated from Dongguk University and its graduate school, before completing his master's studies at Université Paris 8 in France. He began his solo exhibition career at Songwon Art Gallery in 1989 and has since held solo exhibitions at notable venues such as Kumho Art Museum. He was awarded the gold prize at the 1984 Korea Art Exhibition, and his works are part of prestigious collections including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Ho-Am Art Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Blue House, and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports. His contributions to contemporary Korean art are widely recognized both domestically and internationally.

사석원은 동국대학교와 동 대학원을 졸업하고, 프랑스 국립파리 8대학 석사과정을 수학했다. 1989년 송원화랑 개인전을 시작으로 금호미술관 등에서 개인전을 전개 했으며, 1984년에 대한민국미술대전 금상을 수상했다. 그의 작품은 국립현대미술관, 서울시립미술관, 호암미술관, 외교통상부, 청와대, 문화관광부 등에 소장되어있다. 작가의 작품은 한국 현대미술의 중요한 부분을 차지하며, 그의 예술적 기여는 국내외에서 높은 평가를 받고 있다.

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